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Giant Panda Baby-Dream of a Mother
Unbelievable, the couple Yang Yang and Long Hui should be the happiest parent in the world! Their twins were born on August 23. 2007 at the Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Zoo. Opps, you read it correctly, yes, in the Zoo. Yang Yang and Long Hui are Chinese pandas. In 2003 they were transferred from China to the Austrian Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna and will stay there for 10 years in total.

The Zookeepers said that it took a while until they saw the bear cubs. They heard unusual noises coming from an enclosed area to which Yang Yang had retreated. When they looked more closely they found the panda mother Yang Yang had given birth to twins. The strange thing was that the Zookeepers had not known Yang Yang was pregnant because an August 6 ultrasound had shown nothing. Possibly the bear cubs hided behind the greens in Yang Yang’s belly that she eats everyday.Unfortunately one of the twins cubs was died.

The small lovely cub weights about 100 grams which is the smallest bear cub of the world. The bear mom Yang Yang is taking a great care of her baby and she carries her baby either on her breast or in her mouth. Until today, the surviving bear cub is yet unnamed.

Wish the panda couple Yang Yang and Long Hui lots of luck with their lovely bear baby.


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Posted - No admittance! Kein Zugriff für Unbefugte! I got a bad mood the whole day today. After a long annoying day I was on the way home by bus. When I just sat down, a woman’s voice with a very strong American accent came into my ear. She said loudly to a man, who looked like an Indian: “You won’t believe it if I tell you what I read today! I bought a newspaper at the station and it’s all about China. They spy everything and everywhere… ” She emphasized mysteriously “spy everything and everywhere”. When I just heard “China”, I kept my chin up and was so curious to know what happened to China. However, when I heard “Chinese spy everything and everywhere”, the blood on my face was boiling and my heart was beating so fast, my lips were twitching 3 times. (more…)

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Posted - No admittance! Kein Zugriff für Unbefugte! 今天一天都没有好心情. 带着满腹闷气坐车回家. 刚刚坐定, 就听见身后一个带着很浓重的美音腔儿的女声夸张地冲着一个印度人模样的男士大声地说:”我要告诉你一件事, 你肯定不会相信! 我今天在火车站买了一份儿报纸, 整版报道了有关中国间谍活动 ….” 当她刚提到中国二字时, 我马上竖起了耳朵, 提高了兴趣, 想听听到底中国发生了什么. 但听到关于中国间谍时, 我的心跳突然加快, 脸上的血”唰” 得一下冲到头顶, 上下两嘴皮快速抽动了三下, 长长地吸了一口凉气, „咕嘟”一声一口吐沫强咽了下去, 把嘴闭上了.这位女士继续接着说 „…他们任何情报都窃取, 而且没有哪儿不安插谍报人员的,竟然安装电脑黑客来窃取情报…” 我的血管儿几乎将要爆裂, 憋下去的火儿又”噌” 地冲上脑门儿, 再也不能忍了! „这不是事实! 这都是片面的宣传!” 我扭过头冲着那女士高声地反驳. 可能那位女士做梦也没想到我的这一突然反应, 先是一愣, 紧接着面带尴尬的笑容解释:”对不起, 我不知道你就坐在背后, 不然我不会说这些的.” „这和我坐在哪儿并没关系! 你说的不是事实! 中国窃取情报, 美国就没有吗! 难道美国就比中国强?!” (more…)

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前几天在网上读过一篇题为”世界在学中文,中国在做什么?”的文章, 读后感想颇多.

文章说当全世界正处在学汉语的热潮中, 中国却出现了一种奇怪的网络语言, 尤其在青少年中极其普遍. “我”不说”我”, 却说”偶”, “什么”不说”什么”, 却说”虾米”, “KPM” 却代表了”肯德基, 必胜客和麦当劳” 等等不伦不类的语言, 让”圈外人”更是丈二和商摸不着头脑.

随着中国经济的腾飞, 世界掀起了一股汉语热. 自第一所孔子学院2004年在韩国建立以来, 全世界陆陆续续已在30多个国家和地区总共成立了54所孔子学院, 旨在弘扬中华文化, 传播汉语,提高全世界的人们学习中文的兴趣,增进对中国的认识和了解。曾经有人这样说过:七十年代曾经错过了英语热; 八十年代又错过了日语热; 二十一世纪汉语将主宰世界, 绝不能错过这个机遇. 在美国, 这股汉语潮尤其普遍. 十几岁的美国少年, 甚至年龄更小的孩子们被他们的父母送进了中文学校. 这些父母们说让孩子们多学一门儿外语, 尤其是中文, 将来为更加激烈的职场竞争做好准备. 相比之下, 我们感到很惭愧. 如果照上面举的例子发展下去, 久而久之这种网络语言就会成为主流,令人丧失完整、丰富的汉语表达能力,特别是写作能力. 用这种语言写出的文章, 没有几个人能看懂, 那文章还有何意义? 语言还有什么功效而言?

[ text also in english ] (more…)

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Goshdarnit! wordpress :-) Dear bloggers and visitors,
perhaps you’ve already noticed, that since last saturday wordpress.com is sometimes not reachable. Barry who is one of the wordpress team stated that due to some technical problems, the wordpress is not working properly for the time being, he and his great team [!] are working hardly to fix the problems (yeah, we believe in you). Therefore, siyublog SilkStreet is not able to get updated correctly. Sorry for no new updates. As soon as wordpress is up again, SilkStreet will clear the way for you… 😉
Thanks for your patience

p.s. “Goshdarnit!” is not my invention, it’s from wordpress 😀

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Hieroglyphics - Hieroglyphen
the name of my weblog written in hieroglyphics…

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Fortune - Glück
直以来,一个问题总萦绕着我. 我时常问自己: 什么是幸福? 衡量幸福的标准又是什么? 直到今天, 也没有得到一个令我十分满意的答案. 因为幸福不是一句话, 一个字能描述得了的. 幸福, 既抽象又具体. 它抽象得几乎无法用语言表达, 幸福可以是一种感觉, 一种经历,一种体验和一个过程….; 幸福又具体得象一件东西, 宛如寒冬里的一件棉袄, 饥饿中的一片面包, 沙漠里的一滴水.

[text in english too] (more…)

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